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A Guide to Office Relocation

Moving your business to a new office can be a crucial and yet unpredictable time for your organisation. It is a period where chance and risk are available in equal measure and ought to be done with careful consideration.

A Guide to the Office Design Process

The creative process will start at the very beginning of your office move or in the refurbishment project, evolving into agreed upon proposals and only finishing in the final stages of the project build phase.

Office Design Questionnaire

As your project approaches its starting point, you will need to select your team and start to organise your business in the planning for the move. It is important to have an idea of how your business looks today and how you would like it to look in the future whether you will be dealing with an architect, an interior designer or a specialist team.

A Guide to Office Relocation IT and Telecoms

One of the biggest priorities for any modern office environment is to make sure that your IT and communications system is safe and reliable. Every aspect of this should be carefully considered.

A Guide to Sustainable Office Design Checklist

There are a number of benefits to having a well-designed and managed green office. Reduction in energy consumption for instance helps lead to lower operating costs and by installing the right equipment you will benefit greatly from greater capital allowances against the purchase and installation of certified products. However, the more tangible benefits are not always the greatest.

A Guide to Office Interior Design & Development Terminology

Buzzwords, acronyms or abbreviations, here is our handy guide to terms and their explanation.

A Guide to Agile Working

As the world of work evolves, offices are becoming more representative of the diversity of people, technology and the agility of modern working life.

A Guide to Chameleon Business Interiors

A well designed, stimulating workplace is a powerful tool to help you make the right impression with clients, attract top people, encourage staff to produce their best work and optimise your workspace to increase productivity.